Website Development

Website development is something that both Trevor and Laurie started doing when they were 12 years old, beginning with basic HTML. Through the years they have honed their skills and have gained an accomplished knowledge of both CSS and HTML.

Trevor moved on to learning other scripting languages such as VBScript, Javascript, and JQuery, to name a few. While studying at college, he was able to pick up more skills and gain new knowledge with website development, learning new languages such as PHP, Perl, CGI, and learning database languages such as MySQL and Oracle. One of the valuable skills that he picked up was creating a CMS (Content Management System).

Laurie gained valuable website experience by working on several websites that have over 1000+ views a day in multiple languages. She specialized in web publishing, dabbing in website design and HTML/CSS coding.

Having these skills and backgrounds, Trevor and Laurie have come together as a couple to help clients create their own websites for personal and local businesses.

Read below to learn more about some of the websites they have worked on.

Max Your Met


Screenshot of Max Your Met website

Max Your Met is an online service where you can receive personal fitness training and nutrition advice to maximize your metabolism and become a healthier you! Receive 1-on-1 coaching, content on the go, and get support from others as you start your journey toward weight loss. Great for new year’s resolutions or any time of the year if you are trying to better yourself.






Aura Hair & Wellness Studio


Screenshot of Aura Hair Studio website

Aura Hair & Wellness Studio is a project that Laurie and Trevor took on recently.  The studio moved to a new location and underwent a transformation from a normal hair studio to a hair, spa, and wellness studio.  Trevor and Laurie enjoyed working on this web page and are excited for new connections and clients that this studio will be getting!

This website was built using WordPress which utilizes great usability and scalability with mobile device support.





Canvas Capture

Canvas Capture website screenshot

Screenshot of Canvas Capture website


Canvas Capture is Trevor and Laurie’s latest finished website project. Together they collaborated to design and develop a website built with functionality according to the client’s needs and desires.

Trevor was able to implement Facebook integration and customized photo cropping and editing features through the website.






Idaho Falls Music Club

IFMC Website

Screenshot of Idaho Falls Music Club website

The Idaho Falls Music Club website was Trevor’s first side project that he worked on where he implemented CMS into it. This website is used for music teachers, students, and parents located in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area interested in music activities, workshops, and other events.

This type of website is a great way for local groups to organize public information for their members’ viewing, as well as for highlighting special events to all interested parties.





Moab Cottage

Moab Cottage Website

Screenshot of Moab Cottage website

The Moab Cottage website was created for a client to promote a place to stay in Moab, Utah.

The client had an original website, but it had not been updated in years and needed additional functionality.

Trevor was able to create different elements that used JavaScript hover images, along with a custom JavaScript calendar that uses AJAX. This enabled the client to update dates for the cottage to show viewers which dates were available or reserved.

This feature has greatly helped reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails of inquiry, freeing up the client to have more available time to work on other necessary tasks for their business.


Podiatrist’s Private Practice

Podiatrist's Private Practice website screenshot

Screenshot of podiatrist’s private practice website

This website was created by Laurie for a doctor’s private practice/business.

As websites are a much needed asset to local businesses in this age of technology, this client’s website was created with functionality and features specific to its office’s needs.

Along with ongoing website updates, Laurie continues to work on content development for this client’s website. Continual, fresh content helps keep a website higher in search engine optimization (SEO).