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Starting out programming Basic in DOS since he was 6 years old to now being a Software Developer in PeopleSoft, Trevor is an experienced computer engineer with multiple talents and skills ready to be put to use for your benefit.

As full-time work, Trevor helps to maintain an enterprise system for a major corporation of 10000+ worldwide employees.

As a side business with his wife, Laurie, in Twosome Solutions, Trevor desires to help you build the projects you need in development. Some skills he can be hired for include:

  • Writing automation
  • Back-end development
  • Website design and development (starting at $50/hr)
  • Mobile app development (starting at $75/hr)
  • Troubleshooting and stabilizing software and machines
  • Familiar with multiple operating systems from Unix, Linux to Windows and to Mac OS X


For questions in pricing and availability for projects, please email Trevor at: or see his LinkedIn Profile.